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Grabdata is an Eyasco hosted web service that provides a convenient, cost saving method to display and share real-time data collected from remote monitoring systems with anyone.

In this data driven society, many organizations need to monitor various processes under their management to make sure they’re more efficient, less costly, more profitable, higher quality, more secure, within tolerance or to reduce risk.

Whether it be for water quality, water usage, control or flood warning, for structural safety or slope movement risk, for security around remote sites, or to track time, KPI’s or expenses, Eyasco integrates the hardware and software necessary to monitor all or any of those processes.

While some of our customers have the internal infrastructure required to house, staff, manage and secure their own monitoring systems and data, many organizations do not have the budget or skills to do so. Eyasco does, and that's exactly why Grabdata was developed.

Organizations of any size who operate unattended monitoring systems can use Grabdata to display monitoring data securely without the costs of investing in additional equipment, maintenance or staff. If that fits your business, or if you’re unsure of what’s required to manage and host your own data, contact us today.


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125 Hangar Way,
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phone: 831-687-0186

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